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Can I buy beer from Crown Beverages direct?

No - We can only sell to accounts holding a current Beer and Wine permit issued by The Department of Revenue of South Carolina. For detail information on how to obtain a permit, you must contact The Department of Revenue in Columbia and get details from their Beer and Wine licensing department.


I am trying to open a new account -- what should I do?

For all new accounts, please contact our General Manager or Sales Manager at 843-669-7432 so we can arrange a time to meet with you.


Who do I talk to about Crown Beverages sponsoring our event?

You may call our office during office hours ( 8:00 am to 5:00 pm -- Monday through Friday) and speak to our General Manager.


Where can I buy Anheuser-Busch t-shirts, neons, etc?

Go to Anheuser Busch website ---


How long does a keg of beer last before the beer goes bad?

Shelf life for our beers vary depending on the brand and style when used in a traditional draught system pumping CO2 into the keg for despensing. If using a "pump" and a "tub" system, this beer will go flat realitivly quick due to it being exposed to natural air. Draught or "keg" beer is not pasteurized and must be kept cold at all times. For specifics on shelf life and quality of product, please use the "contact us" tab on this site for a specific reply.


My organization is hosting an event and we want to sell beer, do we need a beer license?

Yes - You will need to contact SC Department of Revenue in Columbia for details on the application process.


Do you hire people just for special events and promotions?

We are always looking for qualified people to meet our company's needs.


Office Hours?

Normal hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.


Counter Sale hours?

Normal hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. We are only able to sell to current license holders and you must bring your license with you to receive service.


Where is counter sales located?

The counter sales office is located on the left/east side of the building. We are only able to sell to current license holders and you must bring your license with you to receive service.


Does Crown Beverages provide equipment? If not, were can equipment be purchased?

We do not sell or provide equipment to our customers as it violates State law. For specific questions on suppliers, please use the Contact Us tab on this site for a specific reply.


When and where are sampling events?

These events are scheduled when necessary. Check the calendar of events on this site to see specifics.


How many employees do you have?

We currently employ approximately 80 people. You can find more details on our company by looking at the "About Us" tab on this site.


Does Crown Beverages offer any training classes or seminars?

Currently our training classes and seminars are for our employees. We have a very detailed process for developing our people as they are the cornerstone of our business. We do offer various types of training for servers on alcohol related issues. For detail questions on these issues, please contact or CA&E (Consumer Alcohol and Education) coordinatior. You may also look on the "Alcohol Awareness" tab for more details.


How can I purchase a Drivers License guide and any other materials?

Normal hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.


What area does Crown Beverages cover?

We service accounts in seven counties --- Florence, Darlington, Marion, Dillon, Chesterfield, Marlboro and Williamsburg Counties. A map is located on the "Contact Us" tab on this site.


Where are you located?

We are located at 916 West Darlington Street in Florence, SC 29501 --- You may go to the "Contact Us" tab on this web site for a map.


 I completed an application and haven’t heard from you. What should I do?

Applications are held on file for 60 days in active status. After that time frame, a new application and a 10 year SC driving record must be submitted for consideration. During these times, please contact our Human Resource or Safety Officer for your specific status.


 I have a Class A permit. Do you give licenses there or do I have to get a job with you first?

A Class A permit or License is preferred but not required for consideration on employment. We do not train non-employees for CDL permits or licenses.


What do I need to bring to fill out an application?

Applications are accepted during normal office hours. You will need to come to our warehouse and complete an application on the computer located in the front office. You must also bring a current 10 year SC Driving record. This record must not be older than 30 days.


 How many cases does a keg equal?

There are 13.7777 cases in a barrel. Most of our kegs are considered 1/2 barrels or 1/6 barrels. Please contact us for specific reply on the "Contact Us" tab on this site.


Phone and fax number.

Phone number is 843-669-7432 and fax number is 843-669-0122.