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Available nationwide beginning Jan. 14, 2008. Originally introduced March 2007 in select California and Texas cities, rolling out later to cities in Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, North Carolina, New York, Nevada and Virginia.

Beer Category/Style:

Savory beer

Taste Profile:

Budweiser & Clamato Chelada and Bud Light & Clamato Chelada are beers that combine Budweiser and Bud Light with there freshing taste of Clamato, spices and a hint of lime.


Budweiser & Clamato Chelada and Bud Light & Clamato Chelada are a combination of our classic American-style lagers, Budweiser and Bud Light, and the rich, spicy taste of Clamato Tomato Cocktail.

We follow the traditional brewing process for Budweiser and Bud Light. Clamato is carefully blended with the beer to create the proper balance of the crisp finish of Budweiser or Bud Light and the signature taste of Clamato.

How to Serve:

To best enjoy Budweiser & Clamato Chelada and Bud Light & Clamato Chelada, gently rotate the chilled can once before pouring. Then serve cold, or pour over ice, into a traditional goblet-style glass and garnish with a slice of lime or celery stalk. Salting the rim of the glass or adding a dash of hot sauce to the beer allows adults to further customize Chelada. A savory beer that is great for any occasion, Budweiser & Clamato Chelada and Bud Light & Clamato Chelada pair well with traditional Latino dishes such as ceviche, chicken enchiladas and tamales.

Product Information:

Budweiser & Clamato Chelada is 5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), and Bud Light & Clamato Chelada is 4.2 percent ABV.


Single-serve, 24-ounce cans and 16-ounce four-packs