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Friday, 23 August 2019









Michelob Golden Draft and Michelob Golden Draft Light




Beer Category/Styles:

Premium “Packaged Draft” regional beers – American-style premium lager and American-style light lager

Taste Profiles:<

Both premium draft beers offer light fruit and malt aromas, which complement the medium-body, slightly sweet taste and exceptionally smooth finish of these beers.


Michelob Golden Draft is a premium, cold-filtered lager beer that is brewed using two-row barley malt, premium American hops and corn to achieve its smooth, full taste. Michelob Golden Draft Light is a premium, cold-filtered light lager beer that is brewed using a blend of two and six-row barley malt, premium American hops and rice to create its smooth, refreshing taste. It also undergoes a longer brewing process to produce a lighter taste and fewer calories.

Interesting Facts:

Both brands are distributed in select United States markets. Their introduction marked
Anheuser-Busch’s first entry into the clear-bottle, packaged-draft market.