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Michelob Porter



On a select seasonal basis beginning in 2006, year-round in 2008

Beer Style:

Traditional all-malt brown porter


With a lineage tracing back to 18th century London, our porter displays the creamy texture and hearty flavor that made this English-style ale famous. This robust, all-malt brew showcases bold coffee and chocolate tones with subtle notes of raspberry and pine.


Michelob Porter is brewed using the finest classic aroma hop varieties grown in the Pacific Northwest and two-row, caramel and chocolate barley malts.

Food Pairings:

Michelob Porter complements a variety of cheeses and shellfish dishes, as well as chocolate desserts.

Glassware Suggestions:

Enjoy Michelob Porter in a traditional pub-style glass to highlight the beer’s creaminess.


World Beer Championships (WBC) – Porter category - 2007 Bronze


Black With Deep Ruby Red Hues


Two-Row Carapils, Caramel, Chocolate


13.6 Original Gravity Full-bodied with roasted malt roundness


Willamette, Saaz and Cascade International Bitterness Unit 25