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Friday, 23 August 2019









Michelob Rye P.A.



Originally sampled exclusively at beer festivals, introduced in a sampler pack in 2009

Beer Style:

India pale ale, brewed with rye malt


A robust ale with a distinct bitterness and rich hoppy finish, perfectly balanced by complex malt flavors and the spiciness of rye.


Brewed with caramel and rye malts, and dry-hopped with Columbus and Cascade varieties to reveal citrus and floral aromas.

Food Pairings:

Sharp cheddar is the perfect complement to this pleasantly bitter brew. The arresting taste of the cheese brings out the spiciness of the rye, while the complex malt flavor keeps the two in balance.

Glassware Suggestions:

A tulip-shaped or traditional pub-style glass enlivens the beer’s bold hop aromas