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Rock Light



In test markets March 2008. Available in cities throughout the United States beginning August 2008.

Beer Category/Style:

Golden Light Lager

Taste Profile:

A pale, golden light lager with increased hopping giving it a refreshing, crisp taste that is very drinkable with a smooth finish.


Following the traditional Rolling Rock brewing process, Rock Light uses a premium blend of pale and caramel malts.

How to Serve:

Rock Light is best enjoyed in a tall thin tumbler glass and pairs well with spinach salad with walnuts and cheddar and smoked Gouda cheeses.

Interesting Facts:

Rock Light’s label includes the quality pledge “We have the honor of being a light beer that hefts the extra wattage of 49th parallel hops and a dash of toasted barley malt providing you a rich flavorful beer experience. We tender a light tribute to your barley’ed hoppiness.” The 49th parallel runs through one of the premier hop growing regions in the northwestern United States.

Similar to Rolling Rock’s mysterious “33,” the No. 10 is printed on every Rock Light bottle. Some say it represents a “10” on the scale of perfection.