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Friday, 23 August 2019


Leffe Blonde


Available in select cities nationwide

Beer Category/Style:

Leffe Blonde is an authentic and respected Belgian “Abbey” beer, a category almost exclusive to Belgium.

Taste Profile:

A dry, fruity and lightly spiced Belgian Abbey Ale, Leffe Blonde features a perfect balance of strength and subtlety. The bitterness is delicate, extending over the whole palate and lingering as a subtle aftertaste.


Leffe Blonde is brewed according to the Leffe Abbey Fathers’ ancient recipe, using only the finest ingredients. The grains, hops and yeast that made up the ancient Leffe recipe are still the natural ingredients used today. Spring water, malted barley and corn come together to give Leffe its sunny golden yellow color. Leffe Blonde is 6.6 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).


Leffe Blonde is available on draught and in 11.2-ounce slender amber bottles.

How to Serve:

Leffe Blonde is best served in its own specially designed chalice-shaped glass. The glass helps preserve the beer’s aroma and creates the perfect, creamy head. Pair Leffe Blonde with meat dishes like grilled pork loin and pan-fried steak, smoked salmon and a range of subtle cheeses.

Interesting Facts:

The rich brewing tradition of the Leffe beers dates back more than 700 years to the Abbey Notre Dame de Leffe, founded in 1152. The monks of St. Norbert began brewing this beer in 1240 for the community and for passing travelers. Leffe beers continued to flow throughout the quiet Belgian countryside until the Abbey was abolished after the French Revolution. The monks eventually formed an agreement with the brewer, Albert Lootvoot, to re-launch Leffe.

Leffe Blonde is imported and distributed in the United States by Anheuser-Busch, Inc.