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Icelandic Glacial



Introduced in United States:

July 2007 in the United States. Distributed by 9th Street Beverages, Anheuser-Busch’s non-alcohol beverage subsidiary.


Super-premium, carbon-neutral certified bottled water.

Taste Profile:

Icelandic Glacial is a bottled water with a clean, crisp, refreshing taste.

Ingredient Highlights:

Icelandic Glacial is the first bottled water certified as CarbonNeutral®, the product and operation both have a 'net zero' carbon footprint, benefiting from Iceland's natural green energy sources including geothermal and hydroelectric power.

A product of Icelandic Water Holdings ehf, Icelandic Glacial is bottled at source from the legendary Ölfus Spring in Iceland. A vast underground resource formed over 4,500 years ago, the spring is shielded from pollution by an impenetrable barrier of lava rock, resulting in a water of exceptional taste and purity.


Icelandic Glacial uses only the highest quality materials available to produce the fully recyclable bottle, which means the taste remains unaltered from the day the water was bottled.

Interesting Facts:

Icelandic Water Holdings ehf produces Icelandic Glacial water at its 100-percent naturally powered bottling facility in Hlidarendi, Ölfus, Iceland. The facility increases production capacity of Icelandic Glacial natural spring water to meet the growing consumer demand for this exceptionally pure Icelandic water in an environmentally responsible fashion.